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Permaculture is an ecological design method developed by Bill Mollison (and David Holmgren) in the 1970's, as a positive solution to world energy problems created by human activities, agriculture in particular.
Permaculture has evolved to address all aspects of life; from food production to education, building, planning settlements, conflict resolution...etc, etc....

Permaculture begins with an ethic :

Earth Care, People Care, Future Care

Forest garden

Modern agriculture and our consuming lifestyles are exhausting planetary resources and creating toxic overload of Natural systems.

Permaculture uses careful observation of the  varied ecosystems surrounding us, and adapts these models to meet our own material needs in a sustainable and harmonious way. In doing so, we can create more opportunity for other important aspects of human culture - arts, relationships, soul-full well-being - aswell as giving back space, place and resources to self-willed Nature (or 'wilderness')

Our one species is currently dominating, and gradually destroying, the whole planet. 

Permaculture is about 'what I CAN do', here and now, daily. It is about living responsibly.
If I feel critical about any aspect of my life, it is up to ME to create a positive alternative.
Just complaining, or doing nothing, is tacit approval of the status quo.

Permaculture is also practical; working with nature is a lot easier than trying to ‘control’ nature!

We can all make a difference. If many of us make small changes, collectively, we can make a big difference.

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